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Morning Twilight

Waking unaccompanied before dawn,
rejecting my blanket’s warm embraces,
I unfold to welcome outward landscapes,
but encounter my opaque confinement.

Feeble profiles in the soundless limbo
make ghostlike strangers of my surroundings.
In this, the half night dream/half day dream void
I confuse what is and what might well be.

I will not dread the unfamiliar.
nor will I believe the apparitions.
Eyes closed and eyes opened, dark is the same,
so, opened eyed, I anticipate light.

As the negative twilight develops
into the positive shapes of the dawn
detached voices of the smallest creatures
expand into original chorus.

Alone, witnessing the day’s beginning,
whose impromptu composition lives once,
whose kaleidoscopic image is now,
I become godparent to a new birth.

Written as inspiration for the Solo Piano work of the same name by Andy