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I Remember You When

Read by an uncle at the wedding of his dear niece, Jodi & loving her husband, Adam

I Remember, I Remember, 'post holidays' of December,
in rows of pastel bassinets...
there was less of you, than blankets.
A face above a fabric tube,
revealed within a plastic cube.
The nurse read the card in a framea...
the first time that I heard your name.

I could not then picture you now,, I can scarcely see you then.
Through the haze of 'time,' somehow
I'll remember you when.
I Remember, I Remember, was it August or September?
The anguish seen in patron's stares.
We lunched at Chinese, unawares.
They had to note your quiet grace.
You smiled back with a messy face.
In time your cuteness lost its curla.
Your beauty started to unfurl.

I could not then picture you now,, I can scarcely see you then
Through the maze that’s 'love,' somehow
I'll remember you when.
A separation of distance
led to closeness in residence.
Relating more than relations
produced close collaborations.
We learned about each other's lives,
and where our silliness derives.
You Independently moved on…
the loss I felt when you had gone.
Memories cool like an ember, but, I'll Remember, I'll Remember
Close, close confidants were we then,
Now, we’re relations once again.
The pride I feel at how you've grown,
and wisdom in the life you've sewn.
Another caught you in an embrace,
True happiness matures your face.

I see you share your life and style.
I'm not your parent, more a friend.
I'm just 'uncle' with tear and smile,
but oftentimes I do pretend
And, I will always… remember you when.