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The Holiday Teapot





Through the old revolving doors they battled their way into Macy’s on the corner of 35th and Broadway.

It was the middle of December so the store was masquerading in red, green, gold and white.

Without a word each had secret deliberations on how to slip off to find ‘that special gift.’

“I broke the teapot” one said. “We can buy another one in ‘The Cellar’,” said the other.

Bumper-carring the crowds to the 34th Street corner, they descended the stairs together.

They purchased a handsome, unadorned vessel, naked, without its box, and without gift wrapping; just some protective tissue, and a handled bag.

They rode the escalator up, then ambled pass all the displays of cologne, jewelry and named brand chic.

They exited the store mid-block on 34th Street, united, and with the trophy bought ‘on sale.’

They walked to the West-side IRT subway filled with treasurers, not at all empty handed.

The mission was a success…each having the teapot and the gift of someone special to share it with.