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Block Prints

High and Dry

boat at dock
black ink printed on felt fabric

High and Dry

Time Waisted

broken bottom of the hourglass
gold ink printed on card stock

Broken Hourglass

Itzhak Avraham

bar-mitzvah thank you note
black & gold ink printed on stiffened white fabric

Bar Mitzvah Thankyou Card

Lion and Lamb

holiday card
brown ink printed on satin

Lion & Lamb Block Print


holiday card
purple & black printed on card stock

Burning Bush


three faces of a cockatoo
printed on rice paper

(carved block shown here)

Max Block Print

Time Square

black ink printed on stiff felt fabric

Times Square

Black Iris

rice paper and foil

(carved block shown here)

Black Iris Block
Black Iris Print
Christmas Cactus Block

The Last Snow

printed on rice paper

Snow on the Cherry Blossm Branch

Opened Tulips

printed on rice paper and gold foil

(carved block shown here)

Opened Tulips Block
Opened Tulips Print